About Us

** Currently, I am living in Southern California. Yes, I know, how could I ever leave my beautiful island home of Maui? I hear that all the time. However, I needed to be closer to loved ones and am caring for my father as he ages. I am pretty sure Maui will call me home again in the future. Please know that I am being updated on the hotels and activities of Maui and will return on occasion to stay current in my knowledge. Plus, I have been visiting Disneyland on a regular basis along with traveling to new locations so I am becoming and expert to plan optional vacations outside of Maui also.**

I lived in Maui for 25 years. I love Maui and enjoy sharing it with others. I grew up in Minnesota and upon graduating high school, I Joined the US Air Force for 5 years as an Avionics Technician. My last station was Andersen AF Base, Guam and this is where I fell in love with the slower pace of island life.

Here in Maui, I worked at both the Hyatt Maui and the Maui Marriott and enjoyed success at both hotels. The six years combined gave me the basic knowledge need to start my own company that I have been doing for 20 years now. I live in West Maui with my daughters Maya and Aaliyah. And Jake is now grown and attending college in Oregon.

About Maui Vacation ConsultantsI also enjoy volunteering in different projects and fund raising. I have worked side by side with Habitat for Humanity, collecting donated items to fill their new homes. I have arranged large garage sales to raise money for cancer survivors and send kids to camp. I also have gathered donated items for auction events for mission trips.

People often ask me what I do in my free time? My first answer is what free time? Just kidding. I love the benefits that my business offers me. In order to have first hand knowledge of the hotels, restaurants and activities, I need to make sure I get out and try everything. We have stayed at all of the hotels here in Maui, and I have done most of the activities. So, while each thing I do is a part of my business, I still am having fun!! Plus we try to do interisland vacations each year and an occasional mainland trip.

In 2008, my friend Shelley and I were contestants on Wheel of Fortune. And yes, we were the Big Winners of the night! We won a combined total of $107,000 in cash and prizes, including a 2009 Ford Flex each!! This was definitely an amazing event in my life.

In the many experiences that led me to have my own business, two are basic facts that I live every day.

~ Profits are to be small gain for the long term, not big gain for short term. I plan to continue with my travel business for many years to come. I will be here for your first trip and each of your return trips. I am not here to make a quick buck and leave.  

~ Many businesses will offer the same things I do, activities, travel, and general Maui information. But it is the person performing these tasks that will make the difference. Make it personal, keep it respectful, treat others how I hope to be treated in turn.

I look forward to meeting you here in Maui, to planning the perfect vacation, and to seeing you again in the future.  

Best Wishes and Aloha,

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